How I Strip.

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Had you with that headline, didn’t I? The truth is, I’m so into stripping. My pores. I’ve made it no secret that Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are a guilty pleasure. I’ve been known to make people put them on at parties and family vacations. This time of year, dead, dry skin cells and heavier foundation have taken up resident in my pores. Probably trying to hibernate. There’s nothing like a good strip to give skin a clean, fresh start.

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I usually break out Bioré (we’re on a first-name basis) before I go out, after a nice, steamy shower to open up pores, and a thorough cleanse. Sometimes I throw in a face mask first, like a mini facial, followed by a strip. Simply wet your nose and press the strip, sticky side against your skin, and let it dry while you do your hair—usually around 10 minutes. I won’t show you the ‘after’ because that’s just gross, but I will tell you it’s downright satisfying.

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Tell us: How do you strip? You know you want to . . .
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